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hook set….what’s the story?
Well, it's a long story, and it's had setbacks, but since you asked...

I've been almost 5 years building a 1980 CJ7 from the frame up. Not much of the original left. It's gonna be a military tribute to my time in the Army (28 years) to honor the brothers and sisters I served with (some no longer with us) and those who served before me, as well as those who even now guard the gates of freedom. Complete story (for the most part) in the build thread. I lost about a year on here due to some difficulties. It goes slow. I'm old fat, and retired... half cripple, (my assessment... VA said total, and permanent) and living on VA disability, but I do what I can, when I can. Plan is to go see this wonderful country in it with my service dog Brandy when I get her finished.

For more detail a complete thread can be found on a Jeep forum. No missing time there. But I'll keep up here now that I'm back.




My wife is finally back in a Jeep! After trying a 4Runner and LR4 we brought home a JLU. The 3.6, manual, orange sport will be a good starting point for a fun ride. Now we need seat covers, a couple inches of lift (to fit 35’s) and a soft top.

Any suggestions on a budget friendly soft top or lift?

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