Post Pic's of your Jeep


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It wouldn’t be a DD. Weekend off road toy. I have a truck and sports car for my day to day driving.

A JK is cheaper I’m sure. And I don’t mind the truck ride.
Though honestly I’ve driven neither so have no clue what they’re like.

I got a great deal on my TJ. It’s low mileage and in great condition. I could probably sell it and only be out of pocket a couple grand for JK to build. I’ve seen some lowish mileage sports/Xs for under $20k.

If a killer deal fell into my lap I’ll jump. Otherwaise I’ll keep building up the TJ and enjoy it.
yep, we place too much emphasis on stuff

With a wife, kids a dog you need space, 40 years ago for us that was an F250 Crewcab,,, long before the trendy quadcab became the cool word.

I've owned MJs, CJs, YJs, TJs since Grade 11, 1971. 15 years ago I bought an LJ thinking cool more space but I hated the longer wheelbase and found NO need for the extra 16"..... It was the Jeep I lifted and put 35s on...... Less than a year after buying it a "kid" fell in love with it and I sold it. I find even the JK too big, the JKU obviously wayy tooo big and the JT like the Hummer unimaginably tooo big. I could go for a 2 door JT but I'd never sell off my TJRs.

My dream vehicles without selling my TJR would be


Why don't they make THIS


Or, this is likely my next Jeep


this pic says it all.... supersize me..... might be photoshopped but maybe not.... ps, I'll take the small one

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the only reason it was that small is because they had to mass produce them and stuff as many of them as they could on ships and planes

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