Post Pic's of your Jeep


My real rig is finally back on the road. Still need to break-in the gears, so no real wheeling just yet but it'll hit the trails and beaches soon enough. I don't plan to doing anything special to it in terms of "overlanding gear" - this is a ground tent rig for sure as I'd ideally like to keep the curb weight below 4,500lbs. I do have the rear seats taken out at the moment and will likely leave it that way so the GF and I can actually sleep inside (we're not tall at all but XJs really aren't that big inside).

For anyone curious, the Jeep's a factory 4.0 ax15 4x4 (NP231). Basic mod specs are a 4" short arm lift with 33s (255/85R16), 4.56 gears, TrueTrac LSD rear, ARB locker front, ARB bull bar with Warn M8000 and custom-built sliders and rear cut-and-fold bumper. The fenders need to be trimmed and I'll likely add Napier flares.

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