Post Pic's of your Jeep


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That appears to have an extended rear body,,, I love it but what are the details.
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you can find more information about the extended rear part with 'Gazell JK' or also with 'Wrangler JXL'.

It's really good. You can have a bed surface inside the car with above 2 meters (if you won't /can't open the roof)


Updated the rig....finally. Nothing crazy. Clean and to the point...except not clean in the pic. Little muddy.

Added set of Rubicon rims, Bilstein 5100 shocks, 2.5" lift, and 35" Pro Comp AT tires.
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Now for a quick peek inside.


Driver controls with Ipad mini for media and navigation. It's mounted to the grab handle using a ram mount for quick removal for passengers.


Behind the driverside lies a Dometic PLB40 which powers the CFX 28 fridge and 12v fan.


Top view of the CFX 28 and rear seat delete. Mounted between the seat and the platform is a 7.5L water jerry.


Lockable storage inside the platform itself. Clothes, 'medicine cabinet', tripod and chairs live here.


To the rear of the Jeep on the passenger side, there are panels mounted for verticle storage. Here there is a medkit and fire extinguisher.


On the driver-side panel, there is a hatchet, 12v fan, Blue Ridge Overland Gear grab handle bag that is home to candles, torches and bear deterrents. The panels also create a space on the inside against the trim for smaller items like a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag liner.


Under the rear of the platform hides other items I like to use less often. Here you'll find recovery gear, an Helio shower, spare parts and oil, tree saw, tools and electronics. All of the smaller items and tools are organized with Blue Ridge Overland Gear pouches. Easy and Universal.

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