Post Pic's of your Jeep

Lucky j

Thanks! I wish I would drive it more and actually have time to enjoy it out here in CO. Put alot of blood, sweat, tears & $ into building it from stock with hopes of moving to CO. I am, 2.5yrs now in CO and drove it less than 200 miles in the last year and hasn’t made it into the mountains yet!

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Well, if you are willing to wait for me a bit, could be heading your way in a few years and would love a guide to travel the colorado mountains! We could drive and explore with our silver LJ! :)

Dr. Marneaus

Station Wagoneer
Oh man! SO much goodness in that photo. Sun starting to hang low in the sky, trail of dust from a vehicle on a dirt road below, mountains in the background, and of course that Wagoneer and trailer! Beautiful!
I didnt even notice the dust trail until I posted on here, because it was the first time I saw it on a full screen lol.

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