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With the fiancee going back to work, and me working nights and our 2runner (2wd 4runner) having been broke into one night at work, the need for a second vehicle was becoming apparent. Surfing craigslist and came across this one that had been posted a few times, went to look at it, the 13-year-old was like we have to get it, and clicked with the owner who worked with us to be able to get it.
So...we got a jeep. A 1990 YJ, with a 1995 YJ engine (yay EFI and no carb) that the previous-previous owner didn't see fit to find or equip with power steering. And installing the (I'm guessing CJ of some variant) dash, ripped out the heater. (Of course, it has no ac either) and put what I'm guessing is a racing go kart steering wheel, whose minuscule size perfectly compliments the lack of power steering.
It's also accessorized with the rear half of a homemade lumber/kayak carrier.

For all it doesn't have, it does have the fact it's a Jeep, it's four-wheel drive unlike the 2runner, the 13 year absolutely loves it, and it will be a solid fairly simple vehicle for him to learn wrenching on (and me to brush up on.)
The most immediate plan is to find a properly sized steering wheel so I'm not doing 40 rotations when making a turn, then dream of power steering. Oh and install the adjustable bucket seats when the previous owner brings them because it currently has a non-adjustable Toyota bench seat in the front.


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i guess I am a little to far out and across border shipping would be expensive, but I could have provided you with all the parts you need to redo the power steering set-up. I have just pulled appart my 95 YJ and will be sending most of those part to scrap metal.

They would have been yours for free. Steering wheel, pump, bracket (4,0) and the foot.

Have fun! :)

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