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Hi everyone,

Here are a few pictures of my Jeep I am building for camping and overlanding. I also have a build video if anyone is interested:

Next are lights for the sides and front of my roof rack, off road lights for the front bumper, RTT (iKamper Skycamp I think), and a platform for the rear for my refrigerator and other gear.


Nice JL! How do you like the tent?
I just ordered a James Baroud Rooftop Grand Raid XXL this morning… should have asked your opinion earlier.
I loved it! Pretty much lived in it for a month. I might get the tunnel awning thing, it was a bit annoying to get in and out of it in the pouring rain. It rained everyday for two weeks straight in Alaska. I'm going to put the Front Runner quick release clamps on there this fall too (with the Rhino Rack it was hard to tighten the bolts with such little clearance - you might run into the same problems). I'll also get the comfort pad or something similar, especially if I'm going to spend a lot of time in damp conditions.




Outside somewhere

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baggio1616 how does that fuels caddy work for you? Do you find it slips as you travel down the road?


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If that's the rockslide caddy I've had one for a couple of years and have used two, two gal at the same time and one 4 gal with and without a 2 gal at the same time. Never moved over trips from an hour to 2500 miles. Only thing I wonder about is the longevity of the fabric material being exposed to the elements. Also their powder coating is ****. Mine was flaking off after 2 months. For what it is it should be $65, maybe 75 tops.
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