Post Pic's of your Jeep

Recommended books for Overlanding

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide
by Tom Sheppard
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Cycling the Great Divide: From Canada to Mexico on North ...
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Motorcycle Messengers 2: Tales from the Road by Writers w...
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Here's mine - it's most of the way there. I was thinking about selling when I bought my ZR2 so stopped upgrading for a while but in the end I decided I couldn't part with it. So now thinking about interior storage, on board air, maybe gearing and more suspension work.
What special Washington plate is that?! I couldn't read the bottom. I've never seen it before! :) thanks


The "new" XJ after ~ 10 hours of elbow grease, probably another 4 to go before rehab is complete.

Lived in the Raleigh, NC area all its life, its lack of rust rivals any 100k mile CA Jeep.

It was specifically ordered for a customer when new: Classic package, UpCountry suspension/skids, overhead console, towing package/heavy duty cooling.
At some point it also received an OME lift, so it sits 2" higher than a stock, non-UpCountry XJ, and a pair of TruckLites. Just received a fresh set of 245/70/16 KO2s.


Recommended books for Overlanding

Overlanding the Americas: La Lucha
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Motorcycle Messengers: Tales from the Road by Writers who...
by Lois Pryce, Mark Richardson, Carla King, Sam Manic...
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