Post Pic's of your Jeep

Nice pic.

Curious, oh large is the watershed of that river. Just wonder if you could have got surprised by flash flod w/o knowing about it if heavy rain would have it higher in the valley.
I try to stay very conscious of things like that and take that into account in my camping locations. Now, after the photo of me leaving here, there was a few days of heavy rain - a few others didn't take flooding into account and were somewhat stranded (2' deep and fast flowing where I came up out of in this photo) They did make it out ok with help, but a couple of vehicles hydro locked in the process. I left because of the heavy rains coming and am not personally familiar with the flow of the river at this location.


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Big Bear

'17 Big Bear kitted for overland. 2017-10-26 17.58.50.jpg

2017-10-23 21.30.59.jpg

Bilstien/Teraflex suspension lift, ARB bumpers, JKS quick disconnects, Kargo Master rack, WARN 12K winch, PIAA forward and side lighting, Rugged Industries rear lighting, modded Cobra 29, 102" antenna, Smittybilt tailgate table and much more.
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