Post Pic's of your Jeep


Thanks.. shooting with an NEX-7 with a variety of lenses.

Editing depends on my mood (in this one I changed the plate number :) )


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Geek, those are computer-wallpaper worthy shots. I'd love to cycle them on my wife's computer every 15 minutes. "See what we could be doing, Hon?" :)

Thanks for the eye candy and the images for my dreams.
Is that last pic a diff camp site that the previous pics? Ibanezer and myself started out at LBL, camping there is great. The trails aren't too crazy, except for a few areas, but very fun!
Yes. Sunset pic (2nd one) is on the Kentucky Lake side, the last 2 pics (sunrise) are on the Lake Barkley side.


Haha, yea, I texted Jeremy (Ibanezer) and he sent me a screen shot where he already asked you if that was the end of the road, lol. That's just past the graveyard, correct?


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:sombrero: Man you just can't beat the NorNv desert for the weather-here a couple weeks ago and it's gonna be 80 deg F today-

It was 27 deg F, that morning and supposed to be 81 here today-

Kinda beautiful too, counted 30 Mustangs that day !

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