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Here are a few more pics, The Jeep was overhauled in CA, then made it's way to NY, then to CT. I bought it from the owner in CT. I'm still getting acquainted with her. In one of the pics I have the front wheels off as I just replaced both calipers and pads. I do have a thumbdrive with pics of the rebuild which is very nice to have.


It's a 2000 4wd 4.0 xj. I don't deliver mail but got what I think was a good price on it. It's gonna serve daily driver duty. Parts are already on the way I may do a build thread on it.

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Get used to being honked at when you want to turn left.
"can't see if there's an opening... I'll wait."
Yup dueling turning lanes as I call them, those are the hardest part so far. That and all the attention and pictures when I went through the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A.

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