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Pretty much my dream JKUR right there Brian. I am curious why you changed the rear locker to a Detroit from the factory e-locker. How do you find it drives on the street with the 6spd, is it your daily driver?


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The Detroit was on my F150, not the Jeep. For what it's worth I loved the Detroit and a previous Aussie locker in another vehicle, but both were automatics. A good friend of mine had a TJ with a manual trans and Detroit and it was pretty miserable to drive. The inherent backlash of the Detroit (I could turn the driveshaft nearly 3/8 of a turn by hand freely) makes it very rough and clunky when shifting. Changing gears while turning was also interesting. Let off the throttle to shift and the locker disengages (oversteer), get back into the throttle and it locks and wants to understeer. You get use to that a little but I wouldn't install an auto locker with a manual trans myself. With an automatic they are pretty smooth.

I'm sure the question was asked because you thought I had the Detroit in the Jeep, but it drives great. The manual trans is noisy and clunky, I'm not a huge fan of it so far, but I'll take a noisy and clunky manual over an automatic any day. This is my daily driver at home, but I'm only home for 13 out of every 28 days. I would have no issues with this as a daily though, mileage is better than expected and it's comfortable to drive. I left the top off when I left for work this time though, and I'm pretty sure my wife is enjoying it while I'm gone... :rolleyes:

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Gatorpsd: I like your thinkin'!!

I was (am) planning on flet fenders and corners for my TJ, but will be currently spending that $$ on a new windshield frame and glass :snorkel:

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Here is mine.

Work in progress. couple changes since these pics last weekend. Plasti dipped the front grill and need to install new front bumper and winch



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Can you pleeeeeeeasssse post the specs. I think i fell in love with your jeep.
Probably forgetting a bunch, as this thing really is a work in progress
But here goes

2012 JK Sahara Unlimited - Sahara Tan
Automatic Tranny 3.73 Gears and Tow Package
Kargo Master Congo Cage and Safari Basket
RC 2.5 Inch Series II Suspension
35" Goodyear Duratracs
Crager Soft 8s 17x9
VisionX rock lights
Eagle Eye 6" Round Jeep Offroad Light Kit on Modified Smittybilt Windshield mounts (to facilitate the Rack mount as well)
7" or 8" IPF lights on front of rack (can't remember size)
6" Rear Lights
Cobra 29LX with 4' Firestik
SRC Rear Bumper with Rock Hard Tank Mounts
Champion 10K Winch
Scepter Gas can
Scepter Water can
48" High Lift on a Warrior Products Hi-Lift Hood Mount kit
Trailskinz Limb Risers
Off Road Trail Tools The JK Tray Table Overland Edition and a bunch of other stuff inside as well

Hope that helps. Still have a bunch of stuff in the garage that the wife wants out so might have to install them sooner rather than later. :smiley_drive:
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WOW! Nice list. thanks for posting that! Ive been looking at a roof rack/cage and trying to see whats the best bang for the buck!
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