Post Pic's of your Jeep



dont have it anymore bc she decided to throw 4 rods out the oil pan. she was the one on the left. i sure do miss her.


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My 1989 YJ. Spent the first 20 years of her life on the street and in the garage. Now she has some fun in the front range foothills of Colorado.

Completly stock aside from ARB Stubby Bumper, M8000, 255/70R15 mud terrains, new sail cloth top. OME lift and 31" duratracks or MTRs are on deck.

Pictures linked from Picasa - any idea why they are so small? They come ot larger on other forums...


Recommended books for Overlanding


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100.5" Wheelbase
3.5" Lift
Hi-lined Rear
Armored Up
37" Pitbull Rockers

Built for rocks, but has been on a 13 hour expo run (13 hours straight of 4WD) along with nearly 100 trail runs.


goin camping

Here's my two jeeps. The first one is a bone stock 1942 Willys Marine Corp jeep.

And here's the new 95 that never touched dirt until I got it. It has a ways to go.


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Some recent poser shots of my rig...

Beautiful Jeep!
BTW- I noticed a difference in the the decal just ahead of the drivers door.
Top pics show a triangle, the last, an American flag.
What was the first one?
Sorry, just a stickler for little crap like that...hazard of the trade:D

Chuck Bullitt

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Just joined and figure this thread a good place to start. Have mostly beat my rig against rocks the last couple of years, but looking for more expedition type things to do.

2009 JK: Clean for a change

Clayton, OK

Moab, UT

Palo Duro Canyon, TX

Marble Falls, TX

Katemcy K2, TX