Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!


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I love my setup, I got this camper February of 2018 and I already have 16 trips to the mtns on it. It is not all perfect, it does not really capture my intent of a 4x4 camper. My truck may be 4x4 but with this camper stup, the weight the size, made the setup less 4x4 capable. And it sucks how it can take over an hour to take off the camper or put it back on. I have lots of reworking to do.
I am considering a spacekap diablo 6. this camper is actualy made for a midsize truck, but is best suited for a fullsize. A fullsize camper would be even more ginormous. this is a Travel Lite 610r with inside outside shower


One pretty good reason to own a hard side

I always wondered what the maximum snow load of a hard side truck camper would be. At least this much; and this is in my driveway! That little person down the walk is my fetching frau, Jeanie, who is 5'4", not a midget. All four corners of the 'one ton' suspension were on the snubbers until I raked the snow off. At least the ground pressure was great on the snow for traction! After the winter of '10/11, I bought a tractor with a big honking snow blower to keep the lane clear.

I know this is an ancient post, but that looks like our house this winter outside of Park City, UT. Our TC is safe in our storage unit.


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New on here here is my setup 1995 F-350, 7.3 since truck pics also have front torklift and fastguns, airshocks, banks intercooler and 2015 livin lite camplite TC10, tough camper second pics are after wind blew the camper over then it right sided up, no damage besides extension brackets and TV and blueray on the inside, not even a broken light.

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Darn tough campers. And no wood.

Too bad they were so good that the big rv companies bought them to keep them from becoming popular. And possibly to keep that technology from being asked for in TT's and 5'ers.