Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

Dave Kay

With the clearance issues we experienced going thru the Joshua tree forest, I'm convinced we're the first to do the M.R. in hardsides. In one of the most exhausting trip reports ever on; truck camper forum here are some links. One of the participants (not me) Alex spent a lot of time putting together a superb, high tech set of t.r.'s.

The Lance seems no worse for the wear from that trip. It all has to do with tie downs. Looser, especially at the rear ones when the suspension is articulating and flexing the frame (which the Dodge does precious little of). Also, I disconnect one side of the rr anti-sway bar, remove the camper struts, lower the pressure to 30 lbs. front/28 lbs. rr on those super singles and generally act like I'm driving a 10,000 pound Jeep. With two sets of upper overload springs; and those great Stable Loads it is pretty smooth and not so swaying as before i did all the above. We did another trip XTC style a couple weeks ago on the east side of the Sierra Nevada with mixed results. See, truck camper section for a trip report: HIGH SIERRA HIGH XTC
I am amazed the wooden framed, tin sided box does as well as it does with me beating on it all the time.
The ball coupler on the trailer hitch took it in the shorts and cracked on account of too much over-travel. I have since switched to an 8 ton pintel and 16 ton lunette as the hitch on the little blue 1955 Bradley. Articulation is fine now.
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Wow~! Thanks for that--- what a detailed report~! Hope to do this trail in the near future only I am planning to have a pop-up by then, unless maybe I grab a good deal on a nice hardside for practically nothing.



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60's Pullman Sliding Camper on 1995 F 150 4 WD, 1/2 ton down in Northern Baja California...
Nice shot. I was at that location probably in 1982 when a guy in just your camper on a Chevy invited me in for a cold one. Sat down at the table,out of the elements,took a slug and thought "gotta get a popup someday". I did.


Not sure where i belong??? Im bouncing around, back and forth between "Domestic: full size and other", "Hard-side truck campers", and "Other custom expedition camper" forums... Here's what im rocking!



I honestly dont know much about it? Found it on Craigslist and HAD to have it... I've been wanting a rig like this for years...

Its a 79 F350, factory 4wd, dana 60's front and rear, 400 motor with 351 cleveland heads to raise compression. Drives amazingly well, its perfect for me. Its called a Creger, i haven't been able to find much info on them. Supposedly you had to order this straight from Ford and they sent it directly to Champion Homes for the RV body. But its fully contained, heat, a/c, stove, oven, fridge, wet bath. Once again, perfect for me =D


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1976 WOLVERINE! 8ft. 15k btu furnace, 3cft fridge, 2 burner stove, 14 gallons of water under sink with a pump and faucet,battery, 2 propane tanks. Swaping over to LED lights, I have a solar contoller I built, just need a few pannels. This camper is the best built one i have ever seen, the walls are 2" styrofoam, the floor has 2" of foam, insulated door.



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Having completed over a million kilometers in Latin America over the last 25+ years, I will begin another trek this year (2014) all the way to Ushuaia, Argentina.....most have been done with the 7.3 diesel and Ford HD pickup, and all with Lance Camper mounted on it.

If anyone needs info on the trek of latin america, please contact also there are many VEHICLES that can be used for the adventure, not necessary a 4x4 over the Pan American Highway!

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My 1983 Valley 7.5' camper. Was mounted on my 1992 Toyota flatdeck Pickup. The Toyota handled it no problem, but long drives were pretty tiring. So the Toyota was relieved of it's camper duties (keeping it though) and the camper has a new home on the back of this 2001 Ram 2500 24V CTD. The truck does not even know the 800lbs of camper is there

Nice compact package

Doing its job in Rogers Pass BC. After all it is my ski rig!



Pulltilbroke - your slide-in is one of my favorites. A perfect match for your dually. Old campers (like old trucks) are much more interesting.
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