Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

greg mgm

Let's get a thread going with lots of pics of hard sided campers.

I'll start....I bought my first hard side camper in the early 80's. I found it in Simi Valley just down the street from me. I can't remember the year, but it's a 70's Gold Coast 10 1/2'. It was pretty basic (stove, oven, ice box) and had no shower/ bath. I used it quite a few times...especially at Kings Canyon and Sequoia Nat'l Park-

Wanting an upgrade (including bath/ shower) I sold the Gold Coast and bought a 9' Pilgrim. It was perfect for me at the time and had a bath/ shower, stove, heater and fridge, and I really liked that it didn't hang off the back as far. This one went all over....including Lake Powell and again Sequoia and Kings Canyon.

It's been years since I owned those campers. The Pilgrim was eventually sold and replaced with a 4 Wheel pop up, then a Starcraft pop up...but now I'm camperless!

Post up your pics and stories. :victory:


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Here's a pic of our 1999 Bigfoot C2500 10.6 "parked" at Natural Bridges N.M. We spent a week there at Thanksgiving a few years ago. As we sat around the fire after Thanksgiving dinner it began to snow. Before we turned in the world had pretty much turned white, and this is what we woke up to the next morning.



Here my 1985 Bigfoot 9.5' on 1979 GMC 2500.
Great tow unit.

This is my first camper and although I still like tenting and rough camping, it sure is nice to have heat, running water, bug screens and the most important thing; a Washroom.

It gets used just about every long weekend in the spring, summer and fall.
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Pullman Sliding Camper

Modern Surf Gypsy Travel:
60's Pullman Sliding Camper on 1995 F 150 4 WD, 1/2 ton down in Northern Baja California...



2005 Snowriver 810 on our '97 F350 PSD 4x4.
We start camping each year on Superbowl weekend up in the snow at Diamond Lake, Oregon and continue to camp several times each month all the way till Thanksgiving.
After the Thanksgiving camping trip we take the camper off the truck till just before Superbowl.

And the sand.

Gives us the option to take the boat on camping trips as well.

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Hey! No baja bug in your pics??!! :sombrero::sombrero::sombrero:
This one?

No more baja bug. T'was stolen from my place back in 2007. :mad:
In 2010, I sold off all my VW stuff to put it behind me. That little car had some serious character though!

Here is the crappy day finding it, stripped down to it's undies. :Wow1:

Yes that dead dear stunk! The eyeball socket was full of bees!

When my son gets closer to driving age, I'm sure we'll build something new that is VW related, and worthy of flying. :victory:


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2000 Lance 835 on my 2006 2500 CTD. The pics were taken a couple of weeks ago up on the Alcan in Northern BC/Yukon. -33f was the coldest night we had in the camper.


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