Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
Here are a few examples over the past 50 years of off-road camping and travel with trailer connected to motive device. Domeland southern Sierra 1967: 1966 FJ-40 w/ homemade trailer: The kid on the left is now 60 years old. The young man on the right, my brother Jerry is dead.

Continental Divide Colorado, 1970: FJ-40 w/ yet another homemade trailer with ball.

Mojave Road, Afton Canyon 2013: David Bradley trailer with pintel on 2001.5 RAM

1999 Jeep XJ w/ pintel and 1955 David Bradley trailer:

Mojave Road 2014 (yes again the other direction)

CJ-8 on 14' car trailer pulled by RAM pickup with camper 2006: Mojave Desert

FJ-55 with ConFer Toyota jeep trailer with broken mainspring, Visciano Desert, Baja 1976: one the driest and most remote places I've ever been. On the road to Malarrimo, loosely translated as "Bad to arrive at".

FJ-55 with ConFer Toyota jeep Trailer: all metal, weather proof locking top. San Bernardino mountains winter 1974

Dodge RAM, Jeep CJ-8 on 14' car trailer going to new owner 2015:

1955 David Bradley trailer with pintel on 1999 Jeep XJ:

1982 Jeep CJ-8 with 1968 M-714 Jeep trailer with pintel, SOA, updated wheels and recessed tail lights: 2004:

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Nice and simple. Like it! Do any climbing there are Seneca or were you forest road exploring?
Thanks! We did get out and do some hiking and exploring, so many neat things to see down in that area. We saw some rock climbers doing their thing but you couldn't pay me to climb that high! Off the top of my head we checked out Seneca Rocks, Spruce Knob, Blackwater Falls, Cass Scenic Railroad, did the Canaan Loop and checked out some giant radio telescope thing.


I've made some changes to my Jeep and trailer. I put a swing-away spare tire carrier on the Jeep to allow a drop-down tailgate. Got an off-brand 6x8' (approx.) awning on the Jeep's Surco roof rack. Jeep is a 98 TJ four cylinder/five-speed/3.5" lift/4.88 gears Dana 30/44 with lockers f&r/33" tires on 16" rims.

The trailer is a home-built off a highly-modified HF (type) 4' trailer frame. Tongue's been extended, suspension swapped out, 3500lb axle, 235/75/15" tires, electric brakes,