Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer


Near Deer Creek and Sts John area.

South of Taylor Pass

Just crested Pearl Pass

On the way up Pearl Pass

On the way up Taylor Pass coming out of the creek


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Overland Journal trailer testing in Prescott, AZ, May 2008.

Favorite shot taken

More of the trailer then Jeep

El Camino Del Diablo, Dec. 2008, solo trip


lost on the mainland
have to take some nice ones this fall :)

last summer this was up above Lake Tahoe area



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Binder Lou

Here is our '75 IH and our Packmule trailer I built in 1990. In about 2000 or so I bought the RTT and quit sleeping on the ground. With our Engle freezer in the truck we're good to go disappear with minimal notice or preparation. Just load the food, beer and gas (lots of it!) and get gone.
I'm gonna have to figure out how to make my photos appear within the post.


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