Positive CVT experience


Just wanted to say what a great experience I had with CVT over the last few days.

While unpacking the Mt Rainier Standard I purchased last Monday(and received Friday...in Tulsa..that was fast!!!) I discovered it was not the tent I ordered. Shot a note to Megan and didn't hear anything from her for a day or so. No big deal, not in a rush(she had taken a day off). The tent they sent was the Mt Rainier extended, worth a $300 increase in price.

I told her what the situation was and she confirmed that they had indeed shipped the wrong tent.

The gist of the conversation ended up being I could keep the tent if I wanted at no additional charge, or they would ship the standard, totally my option. There was never a mention of paying for it, except by me, to which I was told not to worry about the $$$. She thanked me for being honest about it.

She did say that if I did want the standard, if I wouldn't mind hanging on to the extended and maybe they could sell more locally so freight wouldn't just kill them that would be great. I said I would, but in the end I ended up keeping the extended (which I liked originally, don't get me wrong, it just wasn't worth the extra $300 to me)

In the end we had a very nice conversation.

(Yes, I know the freight involved is significantly more than the extra margin they would make from the tent, but it was a really nice gesture on their part.)

I will certainly do business with them going forward.

BTW.. I did confirm that it will fit on my Teraflex Nebo. I will have to make some new lower mounting plates as I want to mount it to the crossbars and not the rails. Might have to add some spacers on top of the rails just to keep the tent off the rails a bit.
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