Portugal to Labrador, CA by bicycle


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As the Expedition Portal has a bicycle expedition section I figured folks here might be interested in this. My good friend Dravis Bixel is riding his bicycle from the westernmost point in Portugal to (hopefully) the easternmost point in Labrador, Canada. If he can figure out a way to get across the Bering Sea human-powered, it is the longest (mostly) land line you can draw on the globe. This is not just an idea or a dream, he started in January and is now all the way to Mongolia. He will cross Siberia this winter when the tundra is frozen. He previously rode his bike from Scotland to The Congo via western Europe and west Africa, and after a couple years back home he decided this was the next step.

I am writing this because Dravis is:
A) Literally the worst person at social media I know.
B) In Mongolia. Connectivity is not a highlight.

So if your interested in reading up or following along, check out his occasionally-updated blog here:
Or start at the beginning:

If you have any question that I as a friend might be able to answer (e.g. "Is he single?", "what is his favorite beer?") ask them here.

Bruno Simões

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I´m Portuguese and been a few times where he began his trip.
The fact that he made across Europe, Asia and Russia to USA on a bike makes me have hope on Humanity again.
So many things that could gone wrong and so many countries known to be dangerous...