Portal axle conversion for VW T5 4motion by Seikel


Seikel now delivers a portal axle conversion for the Volkswagen T5 model from the year 2011 onwards, with both short and long wheel bases. The conversion includes a short final drive, and shorter 1st and reverse gearing.

Portal axles have a permanent redution 1.5:1 as well as providing a lift kit suspension. Wheels are 265/70R17 housed in enlarged fenders both front and rear.

Tacho is calibrated to harmonise with the new gearing and wheels.

Only the 103Kw engine can get street legal approval at the German TUV. It has to be approved under the "Einzelabnahme" (single approval), meaning if you want it street legal in any other country it is a good idea to have it approved at the TUV in Germany first, and then bring the documentation back home with fingers crossed!



I'm thinking; put this on a VW California 4 motion and you got yourself a very capable "mini sportsmobile". :drool:

Include the breather kit and winch mount that they offer, and you can really go places!


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That is some very nice looking hardware. How much is changed as a result of this conversion? I understand they modify the transmission gearing, but beyond that does it just require the portal unit and lower control arm? If so, that would be nearly bolt-on for a conversion.

Thanks for sharing.



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:Wow1:Why don't we have these in the US? I would definitely drive that! What motor is the 103kw?


How much is changed as a result of this conversion?
It's not precisely specified, but as I understand it may also involve a lift kit? as well as the wheels to fit the portal's and brakes inside and the modification to the fenders (not specified if there is cutting involved, but I would assume it does?)

You can see a set of alu's as well when using google image search, but they need a lot thicker material, and build quite a lot on the outside of the wheel. Looks funny to my eyes.
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All VW T5s from 2010 on are 2.0litre, they are just tuned differently with different turbos etc to give outputs from 84bhp to 180bhp