Portable Base HF Antenna


Wanting to get an HF antenna set up for my trailer and wanted to see what others are using.

Currently using an Ed Fong J-pole for VHF/UHF on 12' mast, or will run it up a tree if there is one nearby.

Radio is a Yaesu FT857D with an LDG YT100 tuner.
I've been using an Antron 99 vertical on top of my teardrop. It works great on 10m/CB for TX. I understand if I got a tuner then it would probably work up to around 20m. My current radio can't go lower then 10m so I would need to replace a bunch of stuff to try it.

For RX it is able to pick up pretty much anything: I've tried 70cm, 2m, broadcast AM/FM, weatherband, forestry service, and the PD.

You can see it hiding behind my American flag. The flag has it's own fiberglass pole, it isn't hanging on the antenna.

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Chris Boyd

I've used the BuddiPole for years for HF. It's portable, can be configured myriad ways for different bands. Only downside is you really need a SWR meter to set it up for optimal performance. I have a small meter in a Pelican case that I bring along.


Check out Chameleon Antennas (http://chameleonantenna.com/). Many people like their Hybrid series. There are many ways to configure them. I have an old V1, the Hybrid mini, and a Mil-Whip. It meets my requirements of easy setup, small size when broken down, wide band matching, and low hassle factor. Does it do as well as a bunch of wire dipoles? Almost certainly not, but it meets my needs.


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I have a 19' camper that serves as our "base" for exploring and HF. Off the rear I built a flat steel shelf to mount a Honda EU2000i generator (welded on locking base) and extra 20+ gallons of fresh water. (We dry camp in the forest) On one side I welded a pipe fitting to be the bottom cup for a painter's pole. The top mount is a vinyl 2 prong bicycle holder mounted to the top lip of the camper to retain the pole. The threaded end of the pole holds a roller handle, cut off to be the top mounting point of a G5RV Jr. Entend painters pole to desired height, tie off the long wire ends to rope, toss into nearby trees with rope extensions, pull down and tie off to branch. Coverage is good. Disassembly is quick.

Painters pole also is the mounting point for weather station side mounted anemometer.


Thanks for the info. Will start looking into these options. I realize a long wire or band specific dipoles are ideal but there are not always trees around. I will still probably buy a few dipoles for extended camp sites with trees.

In the short term, I May end up trying a Wilson 5000 just to see how it does on 10/20m.


Another antenna that is cheap to buy but works relatively well is an Alpha EzMilitary antenna. I have one for portable use (mainly hiking and some mountaineering). I got it after using a Buddipole for a few years. I prefer to get on the air compared to playing around trying with the Buddipole. I use it with a collapse able 8' painter pole and 3 counterpoise wire as guides wires. I also use a 16' wire off of the driven side to help with 80 metres. That wire I suspend by using a hiking pole at the end. My KX-3 tuner will tune any frequency I plan to use with it.
At the end of the day, anything less than a dipole at the proper height is a compromise for performance so keep that in mind. People have had good luck with hamstick dipoles on top of 16' painters poles which is a relative simple setup.
There is a guide someplace on the net with someone used Wilson silver load cb antennas in various design dipoles on 20 metres down to 10 metres (12,15,17 metres as well). Just a thought for you.
if you are planning to you a G5RV, may I suggest a DXCC dipole, its about 82' long and when tuned works a lot better than the G5RV.


i have a KX3, and i use an end fed. Works great and takes up no space. If i had more power, i always wanted to go with a Hi-Q, and if i had more space, a Buckmaster. I have also been paying around with a Chameleon F-Loop, and thus far really like that when there are no trees.


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What I use as a base camp antenna:
- inverted V dipole tuned for 40 meters, has a max range of about 400 miles depending on conditions (this is an NVIS antenna)
- a dual band vhf/uhf antenna attached to the top of the top pole when in range of repeaters (not attached in the picture)
- pole consists of six four foot aluminum sections (military surplus), top of antenna is about 22 feet off the ground, ends are about four feet off the ground
- radio is a Yaesu FT-857D configured as a portable system in a pelican box
- location of the picture is Cedar Mesa Campground in the Capital Reef National Park, UT.
- system designed for used in deep canyons and remote locations



I've used a Eagle One vertical several time remote it easy to put up/ take down. Store compact and with a tuner works all bands. Very strong could be used as a support for a NVIS inverted V also. Stores easily in a head sided rife case


Thanks for the info. I like your set up ocean, pretty much what my end goal is. Working on a few other projects but hope to get this figured out before the end of the year.