portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help


looking for forum experience/input since ARB has not been very helpful. they sent me a pressure switch, but there has been no further support or technical assistance.

I have had this unit in my vehicle for a few years now using to air up tires and dusting off equipment after dusty roads. the unit is connected to my solar backed dual use AGM marine battery. note: this is mounted inside my vehicle and has been babied.

has worked flawlessly for years, but went to use it air up wife’s tires recently and it’s acting strange. they unit will run for for a little bit then starts cycling on and off in 1-second intervals. (not a leak and battery is good/tested). The longer I run it, the slower the intervals get, like the battery is dying.

what i have tried so far: tested battery, replaced pressure switch, unplugged each compressor, checked all fittings...same problem persist.

feels/sounds like it may power or heat related and not mechanical.


Do you have a leak bleeding off the static pressure thereby causing the cycling? Check out going connections with soapy water.

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Those take a pile of amps.... I have dual batteries and yet I also run the vehicle with a high output alternator.
If I start it with just the 1 battery and then flip the switch for both batteries to kick on it noticeably runs smoother.... and to have the vehicle running it runs smoother yet.

So, I would put money on the battery being the issue.... although I have never had my compressor act like you are describing... it just runs much slower with only 1 battery.


I am unclear if in your current configuration the engine is running and alternator is charging the battery while you run the ARB. Have you tried hooking it up to a battery in a vehicle that is actually running?


Something is definitely haywire mine runs great while on one battery only and no noticeable difference if truck is started. How large is you supply wiring? Did you use the ARB supplied loom?


Keep in mind I have been running this setup for years now with single battery, stock cables.

I did get some additional feedback from ARB “the hose from the tank to the compressor is likely clogged” so I am going to check this next.

This may be the culprit as the pressure switch had some corrosion on it.

I do find it strange that I would have corrosion with the hot Phoenix weather and compressor stored inside my vehicle.

I will update post as I progress and add some pictures of what I find.

added photo of corroded pressure switch
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If the problem persists after the switch changeout and no leaks I would check to see how many amps it's drawing? Sounds as though the issue is with the second battery if it runs perfect on the stock battery and cables. Have your second battery load tested, sure it reads good but when a sizable load is introduced it goes belly up.