Pop up trailer?

There doesn't seem to a section for pop up trailers, so I thought I'd try here.

Looking for feedback on pop up trailers built for gravel and off road exploration. Only two I can seem to find is Rockwood Extreme and the crazy cool Conquerer out AU. Is there not a big interest/demand for them in US?

Here are some. Not much interest in popup trailers here for some reason...not much gain in aero dynamics for the added complexity I am guessing. Plus most trailer people don't go far beyond RV parks or designated camp grounds. Unlike what they do in Australia and Africa.




While not a camper...Wells Cargo has an enclosed trailer with a lifting roof, add some canvas sides and build the interior to your liking.

Thanks, great links. Both seem to be spacial equals to a 22 foot sail boat, which is what I'm looking for. It is odd that expandable trailers have not caught on in US. Seems like RTT on trailer or teardrop dominate the market; both tough if you get hit with 3 days of rain.
You're welcome. Seems like were are decades behind the camper market than what the rest of the world gets...only recently we are seeing better built truck campers.

Might be awhile until the off-road popup trailer market catches on if at all. For one most don't want to pull a trailer off-raod, and those that do is a very small portion.

I considered a trailer with a RTT at one time, but as you mentioned...3 plus days of rain would make it miserable.

Found this too: