Pop Top LIft Mechanism 1200mm


These Flat Canopy Lift Mechanisms are used to help raise the roof on a pop top or campervan. They are made from steel track on both the bottom and top parts and have two flat steel lengths that form an “X” and pivot in the center. I ordered these from Australia and decided to tilt the top up similar to a Westfalia rather that going straight up like these are made to do. I used these to mock up a top as a test so I have them listed as USED. However, they were never permanently installed and are in good condition. You are buying 4 lifters as seen in the photo.
Width: 1200mmLift
Height: 990mm
Weight Rating: 35kg

Message me with any questions. $500


Holger K.

New member
Hi there,

I would be interested in the pop top mechanism. Is it still available?
Would you send it? The target country would be Germany.

Kind regards.

Mr. Kellermann


These are gone. I ordered them from Australia, im sure they could ship to Germany as easy as to US