Please talk me out of my irrational desire for a Disco

Full disclosure: this is a bit of a troll post as I'm not necessarily in the market for another machine right now- but may be in the next couple months.

I have lusted after the Disco 1 and 2 since I was in grad school in Colorado. Fast forward to today and it is still an itch I want to scratch.s. It makes zero sense: they are slow, by reputation horribly unreliable, and super cars get better economy. Also we have a very capable- for each individual purpose- fleet in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (that has done it's namesake in mostly stock form more than once), A RRS SC (yes the new Jaguwatever motor, and yes I have fallen in deep love with 500 hp), and a full EU spec original Mercedes 300GD (very long term resto project that will most likely never be much more than an ice cream or grocery getter- it really is as cool as it could be). I won't even mention the bikes that make me tingle in special places.

With this fleet, why still the desire for a Disco? Am I a masochist? 3 amigos, cooling systems that are iffy, headgaskets that seem to be maintenance items rather than a major repair, electrical gremlins, and the list goes on and on. But they are just so friggin cool!!!! I've done more useless research on them over the last couple years than I'd like to admit: what years are best/worst, center diff lock nonsense, headliner annoyances, etc.. I just can't shake it.

The recent thread here of the guy that bought one and has it mostly sorted as a decent DD for $5k got me going again. We just moved to UT, and it would be a perfect machine for the winter. It's the low door sills and wonderful visibility and just overall cool look (yes I drooled over the Camel Trophy when it was still running) that have me trying to find an excuse to get one with a straight body and clean interior that needs the motor sorted.

Then I get practical and think I should just get an LR3. Then I wish I could have the blower on the RRS. Then I end up going on this ridiculous justification discussion with myself that leaves me confused.

Just tell me to shut up and enjoy what we have...
The best way to sort this is to give in and get one. :)

What you will find is that it can't go nearly as fast as the RRS, but can haul a lot more and go to a lot more places without fear of breaking the nice car. It can do Rubi like things, but more comfortably, and it will have quirky charm like the MB.

Since you've clearly done a lot of research I'd suggest you go a step further and parse between a D1 and a Dii; they are different animals to a degree. Dii is generally more comfortable on road, but most of the problems you've noted are afflictions for that platform and far less so for D1's. D1's are simpler but many are quite worn out now and the key with them is really previous ownership care. I'm biased as to which one I lean toward, but either should at least scratch the initial itch.

PS: owning any Rover isn't really rational, it is a relationship choice for the whole family!
I Pm'd you as I have an 01 disco 2 with two inch lift, front bull bar, Baja expedition rack and sorted engine. I am going to list this month. Great truck but I walk to work most days and really don't have time to wheel it. The truck is not being used for its intended purpose and waisting time sitting in my driveway. Just fixed three amigos so that is good for now. Pictures upon request.
Yeah-I'm that guy and so far don't regret a thing. In the immortal words of Warren Miller, if you don't do it now, you'll only be a year older when you do :)
As I said in the other thread there is nothing about a Disco that a capable DIY'er can't fix. The last D2 was built 13 years ago, everything that can and does go wrong has been figured out and documented on the internet. The biggest hurdle is attitude and you seem to have that one covered.

As for models the late '01 to '03 do not have CDL, the '00 and early '01 have it but it needs to be connected, the '04 had it reinstated at the factory. The '04 also has the 4.6 liter which gives you a bit more torque. A 4.6 can be transplanted into any earlier D2 with no modifications (plug and play) You can also build a 4.6 with the flanged liner mod that will be a very reliable engine.
You guys are all awful. You did not help. What's worse is that I didn't even get the stink eye from the boss. She had always wanted a Rover and since I've always been a Jeep guy and all the stuff I read, I passed on my fear of them as a whole.

When her wonderful 3 series was totaled by an errant driver and did its job protecting her and our 2 young kids, on a whim we went to the local Rover dealer and made the mistake of test driving the RRS. After some quick research, the Jag drivetrain proved to be stout, and since it had some warranty left, we took the plunge- despite me being terrified of it. Well, it has a number of Roverisms (radio just won't come on from time to time, and a few other quirks) that have shown up and the warranty has proven necessary, but I wrangle to drive it every chance I get. As I am always saying, 500 hp will never get old. My only real complaint is that at 6'7", it lacks slightly in the headroom department.

Anyway, the Jeep is an absolute pathetic commuter as I purposely got with a stick since it's purpose was not to be a nice driving machine, but as an off road machine. I commuted for a few months in the AWFUL Bay Area traffic and have wanted a better DD type machine for a while. I love the Jeep and have zero intention of getting rid of it, but a slush box and a bit more room for my big monkey butt would be welcomed.

I debate on a sports car, and I do miss wrenching on cars a bit, but 2 small kids have all but eliminated free time. I've not even started on the G yet, but that is one that will never go as it was a momento from when we lived in Germany, so no rush there.

Now that I see reasonably acceptable Discos for just over $1k, it is making me raise an eyebrow.
Been there. Only reason I sold both of my D1's was to buy my LR3. Only reason I was comfortable doing so was I have a 01 D2 to wrench on with a 4.6 waiting to go in. I did a massive amount of work on my 2 D1's but at the end of the day they proved to fetch enough money for me to buy a LR3 outright. I miss both but the D2 seats are more comfortable and for a weekend wheeler/ my wife's DD it has been a perfect choice. Bought it for $700 and have invested about $400 fixing things along the way. Really looking forward to the engine swap and upgrading the suspension and tires next year.

I will always own land rovers now that I am proficient at diagnosing and fixing them. Not to mention the great brain trust on here and other forums.
Well if you're 6'7" you might want to test fit one if you haven't already. Discos have a 100 inch wheelbase which is ten inches shorter than a Toyota Rav4. They're not exactly real roomy. I'm the quintessential 5'11" 175 pound standard and fit into pretty much anything.
Yeah I have driven one once a while back and don't recall there being an issue. I also just verified through a quick search that the Disco has 2" more headroom than the RRS, which is really all the more I'd need. The short wheel base is appealing and I suspect most times I'd have the kids with me, we would be in mom's RRS.

This will be for easy errand running, probably putting one of the bikes on the hitch carrier and going somewhere, and just for easier driving than the Jeep for around town stuff- the stick in the Jeep REALLY sucks for town driving, despite that I love it when off road.
If at all possible, spend a few days driving one. You'll either want one or not.

They are cheap, but there's a reason for that. Be careful- a couple of thousand can easily multiply!
Well said. I think the driving part probably can't happen (I have at least driven one before), but depending on what I find, it can be brought back to life and not really crush the budget. For example, I get one that is straight, but motor, or tranny or whatever else is wasted. Call it $2k (arbitrary number) to get that sorted. Call the remaining electrical and other issues another $1k or even $2k. Still at $5k for a darn nice machine. Spend a little under $5k for modifications and for $10k, you'd have a darn nice, capable, and probably reliable machine. That's a whole lot less than we paid for the Jeep or RRS.

At least that's the logic I'm selling myself on...
The problem I have is not really the monetary side of thing but time lost "sorting" things out.

Those electrical issues wont just go away and never come back.

Unless you swap the engine new niggles will show up. There WILL be days when you have to talk yourself into wrenching on it when you don't want to.

I love my rover(LR3) but eventually it may wear you down with "maintenance" AKA repairs your not willing to call repairs because you love it.


My D1 is my DD. Bought it for $2200 from the original owner. Apart from the fuel mileage I really do enjoy driving it every day.