PLEASE!....someone buy this awesome truck for $900!


Bigassgas Explorer
I am no Ford fan but the Centurion conversions are really neat. Hopefully a Ford fan somewhere will rescue it and return it to its former glory. $900 seems like a decent price!


Awesome, I had a '90 like that but maroon. Most ,I'd seen were 1/2 ton rigs when I saw a 1 ton I had to have it. Sold it not too long after though. Would have been awesome on 37's.


If it wasn't in Dallas (correction, if it wasn't a couple thousand miles away) I'd be all over it.


Yea im obviously a Suburban guy, but thats a really cool base for a rig. Ive had 2 broncos and liked them, it would be cool to have that with the 1 ton truck platform.


I remember going to the Ford Dealer with my Dad when I was a little kid and seeing one of those brand new on the lot. It was a 4x4 1 ton or 3/4 ton Diesel with two tone paint, maybe light blue and silver. I thought that truck was the coolest thing I'd ever seen for a long time. I would be all over this one if it wasn't too ling to fit in my garage.