Planar Diesel Heaters


Approved Vendor : Total Composites
Many of you have seen and read about diesel furnaces.

Several years ago we did our own research and settled with a 2D-12 from Planar (at full retail pricing). It blew us away how reliable and cost effective they are. As a result we wanted to share this experience with our customers and became a dealer for Planar in Canada and the USA.
Here are the biggest differences to the competition:
1. Price
2. Do it yourself installs are easy and won't void the warranty like others!
3. Error codes (very rare) can be cleared by the user! Other brands make you visit a service centre. In the mean time you are without heat...
4. Great customer support through Planar
5. Built to last and super reliable! We have sold several hundred last year and none came back or reported any problems that couldn't be solved over the phone. (mostly out of fuel or low battery voltage)
6. Shipping within 2 business days
7. Build in altitude kit for guaranteed 8500ft. We tested it at 10,000 :)

Important note: Do not mistake the genuine Russian made Planar (Autotherm) furnaces with the Chinese knock offs. These are by no means related with each other.

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We have several options and sets to choose from: