pistol decision - 9mm


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why not .45 with a .22 interchange barrel...cheaper than 9 to practice and I would rather have a .45 in my hands when it counts


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I am still a fan of the Ruger SR-9. I have a post recall gun with ~4k rounds through it of all types and qualities. I only have two recorded failures. both were bad primers (two deep primer strikes W/O firing)


I have 8 differet Glocks, 4 9mm and 4 40S&W and my favorite in 9mm has to be the 19, its small and yet still big enough that you can get a hold of it.


Interesting thread. I am an SR9 owner. Probably have about 2000 rnds through the gun, it is a 9mm (I think it also comes in 40)... full disclosure, I also own an Mark II and Mini 30 too. I am big fan of Ruger.

Anyway, I love it. I have a very large hand, I am 6'4" 230lbs, and the Ruger fits very nicely. It's light, well-weighted, and shoots as well and accurately as anything I have tested (though I think Glocks and a number of others mentioned in the thread are great guns too). I hit what I aim at as well as most anyone with training, maybe a little better.

So why did I get the Ruger SR9?

It was a simple decision. Just about all the guns available today come with a trigger safety only. Like the Glock style trigger. They basically assume, if you are pulling the trigger, you want to fire the gun. Generally a safe assumption, but not always. I am not an old guy, but I have been around long enough to know accidents happen. I also have two kids. I am not irresponsible in anyway - but that doesn't matter. They don't call them accidents so you can plan for them.

I'm not a cop or military guy - so I wanted every safety feature that was available. Some might disagree with this philosophy, but if the safety gets in the way of my kid, or some other person who doesn't know what they are doing, actually firing the gun by accident, it is worth the extra risk in a life-threatening situation (at least in my mind). To each his own as they say...

When I asked to see new guns the had a actual button or switch safety in 9mm or .40, they had about five guns in one of the largest stores in NC. When it got cut down to that, the $405 SR9 was an easy decision. I am very happy with the gun.

Every gun is a selection unique to the user... but please keep the safety of yourself and your loved ones in mind when you select and get the right weapon. Probably .00001% of any gun's lifetime is spent shooting... it is important to think about the other 99.9999% as well.

My only complaint, is that it is not full metal frame. I own Smith and Wesson revolvers my great grandfather purchased around the turn of the century. They still work fine, I wonder of all these plastic guns (mine included) will be around as long.


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Smith and Wesson M&P can be had with a manual safety that is VERY similar to the 1911 thumb safety......

In my opinion you get the best of both worlds, glock-like polymer pistol that goes bang every time.....but the ergonomics and order of operations of a 1911 style pistol.

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Not the most popular gun... but I love my CZ 75. I also have a Kadet .22 version for cheap practice shooting. Dead reliable gun but it is a little big for CCW.


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I am looking for a 9mm for my wife, who has decently large hands, and handles my Dan Wesson Commander Bobtail .45 pretty well, but wants something smaller and lighter for carry purposes (she can qualify for a CCW permit - and yes, I am jealous!). I am curious why no one in this thread listed the HK USP 9 compact? It seems pretty good to me. I appreciate Glock's and their durability, but they have a peculiar hold that isn't for everyone. The USP 9 has smoothed edges, a rail, a nice weight and balance, good grips and textured slide, a wide range of sights available, a thumb saftey, easy serviceability and takedown for cleaning, and a pretty good reputation as far as I can tell. But I am open to more info on this firearm. Any comments?


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HK USP's are top notch. They're spendy, but they're incredible weapons. I have a 9mm fullsize USP from '93 and it's just an insanely awesome gun. No malfunctions, ever, after thousands and thousands of rounds. I finally changed the mag springs to some Wolff's a couple months ago, but they weren't necessary at all...

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