Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

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1973 Pinzgauer 712 M VIN: 4750123

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6 Wheel Drive, Fully independent suspension, Portal Axles, 19” ground clearance

5 Speed manual full synchro ZF Transmission

2 speed transfer case with 4 or 6 wheel drive, three hydraulic locking differentials

2.5 Liter 4 cylinder air cooled gas engine, fully shielded ignition, Petronics distributor

24 Volt electrical system, 2 x 12 volt Optima batteries (almost new), on-board charger

75 liter fuel tank, 20 liter Jerry Can mounted to frame

Insulated rear cover with 3 roof hatches (very rare accessory)

Seating for 14 and seat belts for 12 persons

Rear seats fold to make flat aluminum truck bed for cargo

Full size spare, Trailer hitch, rear step, additional stock tire, stock tools

Upgraded headlights, Reflective spare tire cover

Wooden rub strips re-installed after the above photo was taken

Many spare parts, filters, body paint, frame for cloth top

Max Road Speed 62 mph

Max Crawl Speed 2 mph in 1st gear Low Range

27” water fording depth

$ 29,500
Hi. Is this still available for sale? Please advice. Thank you


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Hi, How loud is it to drive on the freeway, and around town? Is sound deadening a possibility? Needed? Doable? I live in Montana and have about a 20 minute drive to town, and 20 minutes up into the mountains from the house. And will use almost daily. Thanks.
They are loud so you won't be talking to your passenger when going over about 40mph. You can insulate them of course. Great machines. I talk a little about sound insulation on which also has all the Pinz info you could ever need.


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I am/was going to add larger fuel tanks, relocate the batteries and just basically check all the systems. It's a very capable machine. Asking price would be $29,000+.

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