Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles


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And for my first post, I guess I'll show off my little adventure bike. I don't take it offroad much obviously, but I'll take it down forest service road, farm roads, etc. These are just a few pictures from a little Colorado adventure a few years ago.

My overland M/C has gotten smaller over time. 5 years ago I sold a coupe of larger bikes and bought a used but well cared for F650GS with aluminum panniers. I rode it in the deserts of SW Arizona for a year then across the US following the Blue Highway US 60. Lots of inquiries about it in the Plains States like they had never seen one. People love to live your adventure vicariously. I travel light so all my camping gear fills one pannier and the other is for clothes, rain gear, tools and a few parts.


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Olympic Peninsula, Moab, North Cascades 2019-2020
Outstanding rig. Is that a Honda setup or did you fabricate it? Why the external fork springs? I guess you never tip over on that! Do you ride it on asphalt to the trails, or trailer it?

Again, outstanding rig. What year is the bike?