Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles


passed a few bikes on the road last week all loaded down with gear. I get a rush from it every time. I've searched here and don't find many photos. Can you all post some for me to drool over. Thanks

Here are a couple old ones of mine to get it going.

3 day trip over to Flaming Gorge

weather looks good now but it was snowing on us the day before

finally, a 4 day trip through Yellowstone and Tetons

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Rendezvous Conspiracy
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Nice TransAlp!

My '05 V-Strom:

My '05 KTM 950 Adventure:

The KTM with my '98 BMW1100RT (great touring bike):

I bought an '07 BMW 1200GS a few months back and LOVE it!!!
Here it is on one of the trails leading out of Sun Valley, ID:


...passed a few bikes on the road last week all loaded down with gear.
Yeah, people take waaay too much crap with them when they travel! The pictures below are of my KTM 950 loaded down for a 2 1/2 month trip around Mexico.

On road to Batopilas in Copper Canyon, Mexico:

Between Creel and Cascada de Basaseachi (snow... in Mexico???):

On road to Real de Catorce:

Vicinity of Hidalgo del Parral:

Carrizo Plane, Central California:

Baja California, Norte:

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El Gringo Spectacular!
Ahh yes...gotta love the road to Batopilas....

Here's Tubares...the back way out! Batopilas getting directions from a local...



I don't have my big bike yet, I am on my buddy's 640...check out the dash board...loads of Gee Gaws.

Goodtimes with his GS650.

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