Pictures of Camp Kitchens


Post of some pictures of your kitchen set up. Looking for some ideas and just like to see how great some of them are!!


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I should show my old setup I used for a few years, and also the wash tubs and drying rack.
This is the Cabelas Instant Cooking Station.

My wash setup also part of the kitchen is different now too.
Picked it up from REI, it has compartments for washing, rinsing, and drying.
Much easier to pack than the tubs and drying rack.



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Nice set ups..although i don't have a good pic of mine..I feel kind like a extremist...I carry 4x the stuff of most of


Test fitting my water container:

My kitchen box folds up & fits neatly as one of my drawers in my storage system:

In use:

Works great for our purposes. The grey is Formica laminate - really glad I added those - makes for super easy cleanup, and a durable work surface.


Kurt what is that thing? Thats awsome, and how old is it? I'm still leaning on a slide out from the bed of the Tacoma, I have a portable in the FJ.


I picked up an REI camp kitchen on clearance last Spring. I've used it a few times and it's been great. Keeps things organized at camp and it packs down quickly and efficiently. I'm still using those Home Depot Best Plastics totes to keep dry goods and other supplies contained.