Pics of your VAN! Post up!


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Week of Camping and biking/hiking in Crested Butte. Such an amazing place.

Crested Butte stinks, tell your friends not to go! ;)

Im headed to Colorado to rescue my van this weekend, if I wasn’t pulling it home on a trailer I would detour back to Crested Butte. One of my favorite places to go.


Our weekend trip near white cloud and Hesperia Michigan all free dispersed camping spots

First long trip with a new front axle in. Still got to get the transfer case installed my buddy was pretty impressed with his white van until It got stuck

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OK I’m pretty sure there’s a forum rule you can’t show up with a name like 2.8 RSR and not show pictures if you have one. Just saying…


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OK I’m pretty sure there’s a forum rule you can’t show up with a name like 2.8 RSR and not show pictures if you have one. Just saying…
LOL, not everyone gets that reference....

Back before Porsche prices went crazy in the late 90's I had a few 911's while working at The Racer's Group and S-Car-Go Racing. My favorite was a '74 with a twin plug 2.8 motor, Weber carbs, wide RSR flares and 15"x11" & 9" reproduction Fuchs filling them. It was a blast and bought off eBay for a ridiculous now price of $13k. Sold it after turning it into a track day car at a NASA/PCA event a year later.

I have pictures in a shoebox somewhere, bringing them out makes me sad...... 😭


Sigh. I know the feeling. I sold a '63 Nova SS Convertible for $3500 to go to Europe once. And later a frame-off restored '73 2002 for $12K. Probably more than $50K worth of cars these days. I also didn't buy Bitcoin when I started following $28. Doh!


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Here is my trip to Colorado...

Pic one= van resting on Fall River Road RMNP. transmission gave out
IMG_0524 (2).JPG

Pic 2= very expensive ride up the road and around the park back to Estes Park:(

IMG_0526 (2).JPG

Pic 3= after returning home in rental car, borrowed truck and trailer, returned to Colorado and recovered van.
Not my best vacation, but we won't ever forget this one :p

IMG_0534 (2).JPG

14 hours one way empty, a lot longer coming home. 2020 is the worst!!!!!!!

My wife and kid got a ride back to town via park ranger. Two guys showed up in wrecker, no room for me???? I walked 4.7 miles back to ranger station where I was stopped for hitch hiking, he took pity on me and gave me a ride to our condo. THANK YOU PARK SERVICE ! Even walking back I still beat the wrecker by an hour.