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Recommended books for Overlanding

We Will Be Free: Overlanding In Africa and Around South A...
by Mr Graeme Robert Bell
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Overlanding the Americas: La Lucha
by Mr Graeme Robert Bell
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Overland: A Mercedes-Benz Journey Through the Americas
by ri M. Stroh
From $20
Lone Rider: The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around ...
by Elspeth Beard
From $19.95


Always curiois to find out what it is. Since you did open that door. ;)
I actually discovered that the bed takes up way too much room and is too tall for me to be comfortable sleeping or sitting. Mostly personal preference, but I didn't enjoy sleeping at or above window level. The night we made it into the camp site, we barely made it by 11pm and still had work to do on the curtains which my girlfriend had been sewing throughout the day. Stringing them up in the darkness, while lying on the bed was a bit of a pain. I will say, my girlfriend was plenty comfortable on the full size Queen mattress. Lol.

I plan on revising the sleeping platform to be a slat style bed that pulls out. I also need it to be WAY more modular, because there are times I have to use the van as a pickup truck. I figure if I can contain this structure in a rectangular cube, I should be able to make it easily removable. I'm also working out ways to cover the furthest rear side windows.


Picture from a few months ago! Also, not remote. But it was our first test run of the set up. We discovered a lot of things that didn't work for us.
i almost got that exact van (color combo) a few years ago. It was a monster with the 460 in it. still kicking myself a little.


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What are the plans for it.
Drive as is or expo it out??
I doubt it will stay “as is”, but not sure what direction I’m going. I don’t see doing too much of the expo thing with a soft top, at least not without just tossing in a bunch of gear in the back. Considering building a slide in hard shell that could act as a more secure mini-camper thing. That way I can still run a soft top when I want.


Thank you. Can't wait to really put it to use. The beach in Assateague require 4x4 as do the outer banks i believe. I'm not even familiar with other beaches I can drive on and I definitely won't be the one to just try one i come across. That will most certainly not end well! Based on what i've read in the forums, a compressor is certainly on my list of must have when traveling. I'd also like to get a spare tire carrier for the back but i'm not sure if my bike rack will still work with one.
Assateague is my favorite close beach!!(8hr drive) and you will need 4x4..i got stuck last time because I didnt air down..

A vivair 88p is a good under $75 compressor to have that is quick and durable but won't break the bank!!

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Recommended books for Overlanding

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