Pickup truck bed tents, anyone use them?


I did a search but didn't turn up any previous posts on the topic.

I have a pickup and need to camp at a few sporting events by myself so I'm looking at these bed tents. Seems like a good way to stay high and dry on the cheap. Not too worried about the cold as I'll be in Florida. Here are two I found. These don't have a sewn in floor which I think would let you set it up without unloading the bed. I realize they won't last forever, but they will suits my needs for now.

Anyone ever use this type of thing? THANKS

Links are here






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A buddy of mine and his wife have one for their full sized truck; I think they bought it from Cabela's. They took it on a month long road trip and after the third or forth night in a row that it was raining they bought a camper and haven't used the tent since. The first thing they noted was that it didn't seal out insects or the rain well. They decided that moving everything around or out of the bed to set up was too much of a hassle, especially when it had been raining. Lastly they didn't care for the setup, I don't recall why exactly.

For what you're talking about it should suffice but I'd probably check your local listings for an inexpensive camper shell


Thanks Robert. I have been looking at CL for a used topper but the problem is storage when not in use. My wife drives the truck to work and she doesn't want a topper on it. As far as the rain I was thinking I could pull a tarp over it if needed.


I can't recommend a pick up tent specifically as I've never used one but Kodiak canvas tents I can. My 10x14 kodiak tent has been through some serious abuse in the 2.5 years I've owned it with no issues whatsoever.

I did speak with an owner of the kodiak truck bed tent this past summer who seemed to really enjoy it. He said he'd only used it a handful of times but had nothing bad to say about it, only that he stayed dry in the rain the night before I met him.

Hope it helps


A friend of mine has the Kodiak tent and seems to like it. He recently used it in temps down in the teens, and said that with a small propane heater it stayed toasty. He did complain that the air mattress loses some air overnight.

This is his from a couple of weeks ago:



Thanks for everyone's input. I'll be ordering the Kodiak after the first of the year and using it toward the end of the January for a weekend. I'll take some photos and post up a review after I use it.

Now I have to study the cot thread for a place to sleep.



I ordered the tent on Sunday January 5 and it was delivered Friday January 10. Not bad for free shipping.

Yesterday I unboxed it and installed it on my full size short bed Ford p/u.

It proved to be a PITA for a few reasons as follows:

1. My wife decided to help me install it.
2. The instructions are weak.
3. My bed liner makes clamping the track hardware to the sides of the truck tough.
4. The c-clamps that hold the sheetmetal track to the side rails really don't get the job done.
These really need to be bolted to the top of the sides.

Once I was able to get a few of the details worked out, it went up and looked pretty good.
I have pictures that I'll post tonight.


Here is the clamp situation. The sheetmetal mounting pieces needed to be installed wider than I has able to properly clamp them to the bed rail. I couldn't get a good "bite" on it with the clamp. I've already come up with a simple fix so I'll try again next weekend and probably sleep in it as a trail run.



Reviving this thread. Do you still have the truck tent? How has it worked out for you? I have been researching and am on the cusp of ordering one. Any thouugths are appreciated.