PIC REQUEST: JP W/ Canoe or Kayak


i dont have a canoe yet but once the woman gets a job ill be getting one. i even have her talked into getting a bigger boat for the bigger lakes around here :Wow1:


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What size kayaks are those and what mounts are you using to hold them on? I've got a 2 door myself and I'm trying to figure this out.
Both Kayaks are 16', one's a prijon Seayak and the other is a Seda Viking. The rack is Thule 58" cross bars on the gutter mount feet, the front is attached to the rain gutter on the freedom top panels (for now, and maybe forever because it worked so well) and the back is on the thule artificial rain gutters. The J mounts for the kayak are great, if you get quality ones (like Thule or Yakima), mine aren't and I hate the quality of them, two trips and the foam has rubbed off one, which in turn rubbed some of the gel coat off the seda.

Neither kayak weighs that much, the seda is about 30# and the prijon is about 45#.