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Another long-time RBV owner. . . Pandemic project
From this:
Driver-Side (MAY 20).jpg

To this:
Kane Creek.7 (MAY 21).jpg
(Hamburger Hill Obstacle, Kane Creek Trail, Moab - May 2021)

Here's the list of the major components that have immigrated to the new Sport:

1) Atlas transfer case, 4.3:1 gear ratio,

2) ARB Air Lockers, front: Ford Dana 35TTB, rear: Ford 8.8 with disc brake upgrade, both 4.56 gearing,

3) James Duff extended radius arms, F-250 front shock mounts (major articulation increase),

4) Spring over rear suspension with extra leaf,

5) SuperLift suspension components and front coils, SuperLift Super-Runner steering,

6) James Duff front bumper with Warn fog lights and "hidden" Ramsey REP 8000 winch,

7) Custom rear bumper with full-size spare, "frenched" license plate holder into hatch

8) Goodyear MTRs, 33 x 12.5 x 15,

9) Rancho shocks,

10) Outback Solutions rear drawer system,

11) Bushwhacker Extend-a-Fender flares,

12) Custom rocksliders, rampsliders, and diff protection,

13) Custom "visor shelf" for storage and switch panel.

Random pics:
Bumper (APR 21).jpg

Drawers In (APR 21).jpg
Rear Tire Oblique (JAN 21)_LI.jpg
Switch Panel (JAN 21).jpg

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Nothing fancy, but it does the job so far. It's a pretty basic 03 S10. Have a Softopper with a removeable platform inside for sleeping, built a folding spare tire carrier (carry 2 spares counting the one under the bed), bedlined the rockers. Built an old HF trailer to haul a kitchen box, dry goods, coolers, lawn chairs, etc. Also scrounged a 15 gal food grade barrel for water and mounted a 3.5 gal rotopax gas can on the rear. Eventually want to upgrade the axle or hubs and run the S10 wheels and tires on the trailer.

Also carry a Viair 88P, tire repair kit, tow straps, shackles, high lift jack, hydraulic cylinder jack, tool box, and traction boards. Don't have a winch. Probably won't buy one either. Ran winches on trucks for over 20 years and used them twice. Once to pull someone else, and once when I was stupid running in deep mud, so it doesn't seem worth the trouble.

Use GAIA topo on an old tablet along with paper maps and a compass for navs.

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Found a new minimum-maintenance road—one could say a no-maintenance road.

View attachment 686973

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View attachment 686975

View attachment 686976

She drove right out. Pretty good for a 29-year-old Sport Machine with no 4Lo.
I love your posts on here. My wife is from Hillsboro, Ks and has family from Washington & Wichita. Being a TN boy the landscape in the Midwest is foreign to me and every time I travel through the flint hills I am amazed. Beautiful area! I cant believe you have a Typhoon in Blazer clothing. I just started building my 85 S-10 and was considering going the opposite direction and swapping in an AWD T-case since these IFS S-series vehicles are so difficult to lift. For now I am planning to move forward with a RC2.5 lift and just enjoy the vehicle and its limitations.

I am sure you know your ride is very unique and many folks would love to have it in their garage. Your paint and wheels remind me of an 88 Jimmy my uncle had too. Personally I have wanted a SY/TY since high school when I was driving a 93 S-10. I am glad to see you use it and enjoy it in your own way instead of just cruising to local car shows etc. These vehicles are rising in popularity and I suspect the value of your ride will skyrocket over the next few years.