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Here's my ZR2, but actually trading in Jan for a ZR2 Bison Diesel, I originally wanted the Diesel, but shitty dealership killed that and end up with the gas v6. So the timing is right as everything I've done so far is removable and transferable. Basically it's just an excuse to get the Diesel.

Nice truck...Why do you want the diesel over the V6?

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How'd you get out of the garage?
It was 106 when I was test fitting everything that day, garage is air conditioned. So just took the tire off the roof when I wanted to leave. Luckily it clears the 7 foot doors with bare roof racks and just the platform. The floor is raised somewhat since there is an uncoupling membrane below the thick porcelain tile.


I'm averaging 12mpg, that means I would have to carry a lot of extra gas on deep excursions, and the supercharger is way to tempting with gas v6. That makes getting the diesel cheaper.
Thanks. Wow 12 mpg, that is one ton territory. Have you drove the diesel? If so how was it?


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Thanks. Wow 12 mpg, that is one ton territory. Have you drove the diesel? If so how was it?
I have driven a diesel Canyon All-Terrain during a family and friends drive event at work, I work for GM in the Austin IT Innovation center and when I went to Denver to purchase a Diesel ZR2 (dealer was so bad, I ripped up the paperwork and flew back to Austin). The diesel has decent power to drive around town, it obviously doesn't have the kick of the gasser, but how could it with over 100 hp less, but the 369lbs of torque makes it feel faster than it really is. I personally think the diesel is more suited to a truck as it's always strong feeling. It will be a different way of driving around town, but it will pay off in the wallet and having to fill up twice a week. From what folks tell me, the only time they don't like having the diesel is trying to pass someone on the highway. I have a feeling a pedal commander will help some with that. I don't like the way GM has designed the software for the 8-speed in the gasser, it hates to down shift and makes the truck feel like it has no power and was ending up flooring it all the time. I got the pedal commander and it made it 80 percent better, but there are still times when the tranny won't downshift. Folks have said similar things with the 6 speed in the diesel, and that a tune really helps, but the pedal commander is a worthwhile addition without the tune.


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I have mine tuned. Around town it's not terribly quick. But the throttle is no longer dead and empty with the tune. It's sharp and linear. So feels more responsive and playful.
However, once the turbo is spooled and you are on the highway cruising in the meat of the power band, the tune really makes the diesel scoot. It will happily pass at 70+ and does so with just a single down shift. It's pretty deceiving as it makes no real fuss about it, it just keeps pulling.

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It's awesome to see all these Colorado's getting dirty and being put to good use. GM's decision to reinvigorate their midsized category and offer different engine options really paid off.


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Some shots of my summer with the Lost ZR2.

Utah, on the TAT








North Dakota




Did you complete poughkeepsie? I have been looking for a video of a ZR2 doing it and couldn't find any. I wanted to know how they would handle it. Awesome photes!

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A few of our adventures in Colorado. Most of them are out around Telluride and Ouray which is my favorite area in the world! We did 3 Jeep badge of honor trails (Imogene, Engineer, and Ophir pass) These are older, I have a lift now. Can't wait to get back out there!

Is it stock on those trips? I know it's lifted now but was wondering if you'd changed anything