Pelican cases: Chuck your old laptop bag in the trash!


So Like some people, I usually bring my laptop with me on any trip I go on. If I need to dump files from my camera, it sure comes in handy. Coupled with a battery pack and my solar panels, it makes for a fun night time editing session when the rest of the camp has gone to bed. If you are like me, then you already know that most everyday computer cases don't quite offer the protection you want for your laptop. I found this one ( or a very similar model from pelican) for my macbook: . I can say that it has already saved my laptop twice now, once from a tarp full of rainwater coming down on all my stuff, and twice from my toddler throwing some select items down the stairs :) If you are using a standard canvas case with some padding here and there, check out this company. What type of ways do you keep your electronics safe in the field?


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I'll second that Pelican case, it's the same one I use for my ThinkPad. I also like that you can put your feet on top of it when it's under the seat in front of you on an airplane and it doubles as a great lap desk. My laptop is a 14" but I use the 1095 because I can fit my charger and cables in the case as well. I also keep a pen, a few business cards and a few index cards tucked under the foam on the top part of the case. The down side is that's all that will fit in the case and if you over stuff it the o-rings on the side don't seal and water can get in.


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I've been using a pelican 1490 for my computer, files, and hard drives for years in the field at work every day. It works great!!!