Pelican case kitchen build


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Actually .... Finished everything up today!!

Added a Aluminum topper to the wood slide out for easy cleaning.

On a side note .... no affiliation here or anything, but I got all my metal from Metal Supermarkets. Most everything was from their off cut pile including this piece of aluminum. Dont buy from the usual hardware stores if you can avoid it, this saved me a ton of $$$ --- just my 0.02c

Added some boxes and started arranging things around. Im sure I will change it to suit my needs. Overall happy with how this project turned out, and having everything in one spot is a nice change from taking several boxes out of the trailer.

The stove is fully removable, so im not limited to cooking in its current location if I dont want to

We are going camping toward the end of the month for Easter with the kids. Will let you all know how it does and/or changes that need to be addressed

In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions
May I ask how the lid organizer is attached? I'm trying to work out a similar box but prefer to keep it watertight and having trouble finding any screws that will hold in the plastic without going all the way through.


Sure. It's held in place by the strongest Velcro I could find. Haven't had any issues so far with it coming loose


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I think I ended up getting mine from Lowes
I used some Velcro to stick a couple little spice containers to the lid. I also used a piece to attach a small LED light. I used the box this past week. Much of the week was in 100 temps and the Velcro adhesive couldn't take the heat when the box was closed. Between 100 degrees and being closed the interior temps must have been extreme. The Velcro adhesive pulled loose from the lightweight loads in them. I will look for a different idea as high temps in direct sunlight are going to be common. I'm sure everyone's situation is different so Velcro might work in some cases but thought I would share in case some have similar use cases.

I also used some small screws inside to attach some bungee cords to hold plates and such on the lid. Not a lot of threads holding in order to keep it from going all the way through the case. Two of those pulled loose too on the hottest of days. I think I will end up drilling through the case and using rivets with some sealant. No pictures as I have it all emptied out to make some modifications.

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for that lid organizer

it should be flipped around so when you open the lid down you can then flip it down and it hangs in front of the lid with the organizer pouches toward you also that way the open lid is now a shelf which can then be used to put plates on etc.
use some webbing or something from the screw holes that the cable runs into
when flipped up the organizer pouches would be toward the lid ? I hope that makes sense what I mean :)
planning something like this for my box :)


I found a 1650 case today to begin making a camp kitchen chuckbox.I was able to fit my Coleman stove and fuel, a campmaid sytem with charcoal, GSI pots and pans, a box of silverware and my clean up box with soap sponges etc. I was hoping maybe @60Dan could reupload the photos now that photo bucket lost their mind? Either way. I sorta can read about the setup


I work for a metal recycling company and we had a load come in a couple days ago that just happened to have a older fixed-handle Pelican 1600 in it that was being discarded. :Wow1: So now I have a project!!!

I already made a similar small box with a Plano GunGuard for when I don't want pull out my two-burner stove and complete camp kitchen. It has a old Coleman S/S solo cook kit, three Sea-to-Summit plates, three heavy duty plastic fork/knive/spoon sets, small box of alum. foil, GSI 8" frypan, Primus Yellowstone stove with several 110g Giga Power butane cans. It works for small trips and when it's just me.

The 1600 is going to be an interesting addition to the equipment "stack". Will post pictures on progress.