Pecos National Historic Park and Galisteo Basin Preserve


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Every time I've traveled home to Arizona or when I've past though New Mexico going to other parts I've past the turn off for Pecos National Historic Park but never stopped to check it out (I actually had planned to visit back in February as part of another trip but it didn't pan out on that trip). So two Saturdays ago I decided to make the trip down there to explore it and to getting some mountain biking in at the Galisteo Basin Preserve since trails are still snow covered in Colorado.

The backside of the old church.

One of two Kivas that you can climb into.

The church.



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Just outside of the main park you can take a short walk around the Glorieta Pass Battlefield trail and catch up on some Civil War history in the area (you have to get a gate passcode from the main park visitor center). There is not much to see in the way of scenic views on this trail since your in the woods but there are a number of signs throughout going over some of the history.



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After exploring this part of the park it was off to Galisteo Basin Preserve just SE of Santa Fe for some mountain biking before heading back home.

Photos are from riding the perimeter trails of the preservce.

Overall, this was a pretty good day to get out exploring more sites and trails in New Mexico despite being a long day on the road. Looking forward to going back again for more exploration.
Lovely! My wife and I stopped at Pecos NHP on a whim a few years ago on the way back to TX from Santa Fe (my wife worked for NPS so we have to stop at whatever NPS units are along our route). It turned out to be a very nice little park in a very pleasant piece of terrain.

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