Patriot Campers Available in the United States!

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Patriot Campers, from Australia, are now available in the United States.
Expedition Portal would like to thank Justin and Sarah and their team for their support of Expedition Portal.


The first concept for Patriot Campers began from a single sketch in the sand on an Australian
beach in January of 2013. Two months later the design for what would become the first X1
camper trailer was finalised, and using a state of the art manufacturing facility, prototyping finally
began for what would become the very first Patriot Campers X1 trailer.


It took four months to complete production on the prototype trailer and as of July 2013 it
attended it's very first trade show and received an overwhelmingly positive response from those
in the industry and the public. In September 2013 a second prototype was produced and official
field testing for both trailers was conducted in Cape York, Queensland.

Justin-CTOTY2017-1.jpg Justin-CTOTY2017-2.jpg

Towards the end of 2013 the trailer was greenlit for full production and purchase. Manufacturing
went into full swing and the X1 was invited to the industry's most coveted award ceremony, the
Camper Trailer of the Year Awards, winning in it's category for the first time.

Patriot Campers have continued their winning streak through 2013 to 2017, taking home the
award for Camper Trailer of the Year every year since the concept for the company began.
As of 2017, Patriot Campers has grown exceedingly fast into a prestigious manufacturer of not
only Camper Trailers, but also their acclaimed Supertourer range as well. Along with this, they
have made a large venture into the world of television to produce a new adventure lifestyle
series named Patriot Games, which is currently broadcasting nationally on Channel Nine in

It's incredible to think that In just four short years Patriot Campers have grown from a simple
sketch in the sand to one of the camping and adventure lifestyle industry's most renowned and
respected brands.

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