Passenger Side CV Joint Compatibility: 1995 to 2000


I just swapped a 1995 front differential assembly into my 2000 Montero. Upon inspection, the bolt patterns for the passanger side CV joint flange is different. As shown in the pictures below. Note I've drawn the year on the flange for reference.

I have already tried a CV joint from a 1995 Montero from my local Napa shop and it doesn't fit the larger bolt pattern. What should I look for when tracking down the correct parts? Alternatively, would I be crazy to drill a new set of bolt holes to match my existing cv joint?

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Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
Stretch the holes on the 95mm CV to match the companion flange of the 95 Montero axle. The aftermarket doesn't recognize that there are several different CVs on Monteros.

Or track down a set of 100mm CVs from a 94-96 SR (or 97-98 3.5 SOHC) and be super tough.


There ya go, I thought Adam would remember the specifics on this one! Glad you posted up. Someone else had this issue not long ago but I cant remember who, or where, it was.

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Thanks for the council. I've actually decided to expand or oval-ize the holes to make the oem unit interchangeable between the two. The factory unit is in finally and I'm now buttoning up the rest of the install.

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