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Welcome to Belarus

Hi all!
Finally we finished our new article - the case for sleeping bags and for foodsstuffs.
We tested it throughoutly and we fount it very usefull and easy to operate.
Now You have a good chance to get enough sleep with true comfort while traveling.
It takes only 5 minutes (or even less) to set up all the device.
You take our case, You take meal and drinks and you go!
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I just started my G Wagen project and I'm so excited to find this thread. Thanks Scott! This is exactly what forums should be all about; sharing information and resources.

I am working with Gesellschaft fur Gelandewagen, GfG, in Germany. I visited the shop last week. Both owners are previous Mercedes Benz employees, and extremely knowledgable on the G Klass. I believe that Daniel Wiesel also used to work for ORC. They have a web shop and offer a similar scope of products as ORC. I think it's worth adding them to this pool of resources:


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These guys have a ton of military G parts for great deals, but they do not export. You would have to use a freight forwarder or another person in Germany.



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I recently bought some parts from Kurth Classics. They ship to USA and have good deals on bushings and a number of other parts.