(partially) new Tundra coming?


Coil sprung rear end out of a 200... :p
given the camouflage, it seems possible.

I actually don't dislike the cab at all on the CrewMax… still one of my favorites, size wise (behind megacab)... will be interesting to see what else is updated.


Funny you should say that.

I never thought there was any value in a 6.5' bed in the CM... until I bought my Ford... the 6.75' bed is a darned good size... but I now find myself wishing I had got the 8' instead...
I don't know how guys with 5' beds do it, times my 6' is barely enough. Missing an 8' bed, but I do have a 8' trailer so it makes up for it...then there are days the trailer annoys me, then days I am glad I have it. SCLB F250 sure would be nice...

The never ending "Should I stay, or should I go..." :p:D

6-lugs, only 5-nuts in the pictures. :p
Wonder what is going on with that passenger rear wheel?

Shock location may indicate linked rear. (LC200 pictured) Current truck has the passenger shock behind the axle, right?

IRS out of a Sequoia? About the best picture I could find.

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The rear wheel is a real time torque sensing wheel used for info gathering and monitoring. With the 6 lug, drivers side exhaust(not sure whats up here), different rear suspension, maybe we are getting a Tundra HD??? prob not but...

twin turbo v6 and a diesel are rumored
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Also the pictures are showing a mule test vehicle. No way Toyota is gonna use anything on a test vehicle that will tip their hand to the public...my guess is this 2021 truck will be all new, chassis and body, all new. We shall see.
Huh? Test Mule is for testing new configs... hence the camo... what would be the point of a test mule that doesn't "test" new equipment??


Now only if they offered the 6.5' bed with the Crew Max.
They probably did their research and decided it wouldn't be popular (WB and truck too long for urban use). But I'm pretty sure it would sell as well as the 8' bed DC with 165" wheelbase!