Paradise 2 Pavement


Amazing thread and adventure thus far. How's the fan treating you? What maintenance needs addressed? Still one of my favorite van builds


Update #14: Arizona to California

So it's been a while. sorry. I haven't had internet really until today. So we left off heading to Sedona for a week.

It was my first time seeing one of these signs...

I wanted to find some water to chill in because it was so damn hot so I found a little campsite near a creek.

It started raining so I went in the tent with the dog and he gave me a little gift.. GREATTTTT. and now it's pouring so I couldn't even clean it out properly and put him outside for a minute. My 1 person tent fits us both fine when we're sleeping, but it's not very conducive to moving around and organizing stuff.

When I got to Sedona it was a friday and a complete ****show. So I figured I'd go back to flagstaff until monday then hit sedona again. The drive from Sedona to Flagstaff was awesome!

Found a killer site up in BLM country just north of Flagstaff

Some things happened and I didn't make it back to Sedona or got to stay in Flagstaff. So I tried to get the fuk out of there as fast as possible and made it back down to Gilbert to house/dog sit. The girl I met (now gf) in SLC came to visit me while I was in Gilbert. It was my first time having a full kitchen again so I made good use of it to try and impress.

She's from philly and they were playing the diamondbacks so we hit up a game.

I'm a mets fan but she bought me this shirt so I had to make her happy. Hopefully my family in NY doesn't see this lol.

A few days later we went to another game. It's kind of cool going to the same stadium over and over, you really get to check it out by switching up the seats each time. Went to the outfield for the SF game.

WHAAAA? putting florida to shame!

So while in Gilbert, I got a chance to work on some things that I've been putting off. Also, perfect timing for a new problem to develop.

Luckily I met someone at the overland expo that lives in chandler and was willing to help out and offer his garage to me. So first things first, fix the issue that's dropping fluids on my friends driveway. He's got two 7.3L's and was super knowledgable. Thanks again bro for your help if you're reading this.

Fuel bowl rebuild

I also did an update to the sink cabinet. I made the tolerance too close to the floor and didn't compensate for sag over time. It started falling apart and rubbing against the floor so I took it all apart, used better angle brackets, and took an inch or so off the bottom to make more clearance.

Once my friends came back we went to downtown Tempe and bar hopped.

Tigua was loving having a buddy again



So after about a few weeks too long of being in Arizona it was time to head west!

MADE IT!! Windnsea, La Jolla...

It's official, I've driven across the United States.

Only one thing to do, get a burrito.

We had to go pick up a friend from the airport, so there's only one stop you need to make after that... The Aero club. I love this place. sooooo many whiskeys.

So it's the day before my birthday and my girl called the bar and bought us a shot.

I spent a few days at windnsea and surfed around the area. Always made it back to the benches for sunset. This town has such a cool vibe.

One weekend I went out to Oceanside to catch up with a friend I used to work in Antigua with.

Stayed in the marina for the weekend.

The Cardiff kook

Tigua's pooped..

So had a chance to go check out Dead & Company. What a killer show.



The obligatory del mar track visit

And you know if you hit it big you gotta go to Red Tracton's

My friend was going to line his truck bed and wanted some help so I jumped at the opportunity to feel useful finally. The pups got a chance to hang out by the pool too.

Next stop Baja


Oh man! If you come back north through SD again you should hit me up - I'd love to check out your ride in person and buy you a beer.

Aero club is one of my favorite bars - glad you got a chance to go there. Your whole trip is so cool.

Quick question about the fuel bowl: does yours have a remote handle for operating that yellow drain level? The manual shows one, but mine is definitely missing, which makes getting to it really hard... wondering if that's something that's worth searching for in a junkyard

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Yeah mine was tucked under the cowling. See if you can feel a cable on it and trace it back. I didn't know I had one until we were taking the thing out.


Update #15: Baja

We left early in the morning to avoid the crowd at the border. The plan was to go down 4-6 hours so that played a big part of it too.

We made our way down towards camalu. We ended up going to a pretty well known spot called Cuatro Casas.



I fulfilled one of my dreams too and rode down part of the baja 1000 track. Riding the bike out there was so much fun. I'd love to go on multiday ride down the peninsula.

It was basically a few days of the same routine. Surf, ride, eat, sleep.

Tons of people getting rocks on the beach. One tough job on your back hunched over all day.

On our way back up north we went through tecate and wine country. The border crossing on the way back took a legit 2 minutes. Only 1 car in front of us.

kids jumping around playing in the bed of the truck lol



We stopped at a winery to check it out. It's a pretty cool little area. The place is dug into the side of a hill and they used old boats as the roof.


Made it back to La Jolla



In San Fran right now. Heading to Yosemite tomorrow then salt lake. I'm going to try to do a counter clockwise trip from salt lake to Banff to Vancouver to sf then back to SLC. I'll dm you when I'm gonna do that. Thanks


When you get to WA try to plan some sort of route over Hwy 20. There is a stretch of highway for 86 miles where you don't see a house, store, etc.. They close it in the winter around November or so depending on the snow.

Awesome trip report, fun to follow.

Safe travels