Paper Maps of the Yukon & NW Territories


I don't know if Nat Geo had topo of the area but I love their maps

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May not be as detailed as you're looking for but get your self the latest Milepost. Highway info for all the access routes up to and through the Yukon, Alaska, etc. Fuel stations diners, lodging,.. Always a great resource to have handy. A lot of the info is available on their website too

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These folks have the government series topographic map for sale. though the government maps don't get updated very often. I work for a surveying/mapping company and we are a reseller for them.

I made my own maps when I went to the Yukon last fall. I did an overall of the entire Yukon then a few more detailed of the Canol Roads and Nahanni Range Road. I could email you pdfs of those if you were interested.