Painting an M101 trailer ?


So, I am going to pick up my new trailer next weekend. Its a M101A2, built in 1987. Its in good shape, but the carc paint is old and fading, and theres a bit of surface rust here and there.. I am in suburbia with not a whole lot of space other than the driveway and garage, to work on this thing. I want to paint it to match my tow vehicle, and am wondering if DIY is really doable without the space and tools to really work on it. Should I look into a local source to sand-blast it to bare metal, or is it ok to simply sand off all the rust, feather in any chipped carc paint, and sand everything down and just paint over it? I spend way too much money on hunting and fishing gear, and really dont want to sink a ton of money into this, but I would like to make it look nice. Just looking for others experiences with painting these older military trailers. Thanks


Expedition Leader
I actually painted my trailer with Rustoleum over the fiberglas.....and when the trailer was on its back, I used a single stage epoxy type paint. I have an HVLP that lays the product down pretty nice.

CARC is pretty tough stuff...and dangerous to breath. You could feather it in, prime it all, and shoot your matching color. One thing to remember is if you're looking for an exact match, your base primer color has to be what's under the tow vehicle, or it'll be way off. Please wear appropriate safety equipment while spraying .