Painting a G


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Has anyone used or had success with Waxoxyl on the Gs to prevent rust?
gotta be careful with that stuff on old rigs seems. waxoil is probably a great idea on new, but a paraffin wax product mixed with a solvent seems like it will trap water if its present in the old steel seems. whatever dispersion propertied the solvent has would be offset by the wax presence. water "proof" does not = water dispersion if already present.

if it were me, id hit it hard with a water repellent (wd40 or ilk) first and let that sit for awhile. maybe do it a couple time.

this stuff i got now, im gonna put on some mild steel semi rusty with seams and see how well it replaces the water and resists evaporation. it says its NOT a solvent and is supposed to not evaporate like a wd40.